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Working with clients online

The key to working with a Certified Practising Accountant online is to have a personal relationship.  This means you have met and spoken to your accountant and know the firm’s staff. It also means you know where your accountants’ offices are and can attend that office for a face to face meeting.

A known and trusted personal relationship with your accountant opens a new world to delivering accountancy, taxation & financial services.  Need accounting help? Contact your accountant and schedule an online support session. Need taxation advice? Contact your accountant and ask for a letter of advice. Worried about how much written advice costs?  This is where online solutions solve the problem. Online letters can contain hyperlinks, multimedia and other reference solutions not possible with paper.  The result is it often does not cost a lot to produce a comprehensive letter of advice for a client who wants to understand the tax implications of what they are doing.

Financial literacy:  we are all spending more and more time on the Internet looking for information.  Your accountant is someone you trust and go to when you are looking to find accounting, taxation, superannuation and financial information. We are the gateway to help ensure you are not wasting your time on fake news.

Time convenience:  business people are often busy during the day.  We are expert at producing information that can be looked at after hours. Letters with audio files and even videos to point out complex issues are standard practice in our office.

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