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The average small business owner has a love hate relationship with bookwork. On the one hand good records mean everything is tracked and deductions are not missed. Good bookwork also means your accountant can concentrate on billing you for proactive money saving tax planning and superannuation advice. Let’s face it if your records are not carefully prepared or reconciled any diligent accountant will need to review your paperwork if they are serious about claiming all the deductions you are entitled to while also ensuring you file correctly with the taxman.

Small business people are often daunted by “accounting” and think it is all too hard and time consuming. Our client checklist and seminar programme is about showing small business owners how easy it can be to do your own books.

Our seminar programme will give small business people an opportunity to attend workshops that cover a range of practical issues such as, how to reconcile bank, receivables, payable, wages and GST accounts. We will also be focusing on how to do your own BAS return.

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