Robert Lopez CPA   Phone 08 9250 4225   28 Farrall Road Midvale 6056

Bachelor of Business (B.Bus),     Post Graduate Diploma Accounting (P.Grad Acc),     Master of Business (M.Bus),     Diploma Financial Planning (FDFP),     Registered Tax Agent,     Licenced SMSF Auditor


My name is Robert Lopez. I am a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) who has been delivering taxation, superannuation and accounting solutions to business people and taxpayers in the Midland area since 1990. 

Robert Lopez CPA is a paperless tax, accountancy and superannuation practice.  Because we are a paperless office we offer online tax and accounting support to all our clients. If you are looking for an accountant that has the systems and knowhow to send you interactive forms, letters of advice in the form of a video or an audio, documents and PDF’s that when opened give you pointers and instructions on where to sign and what parts of the document are important and must be looked at then give me a call and I will explain the services we offer and how we deliver them.

Please complete and send in our client "What do I want from my CPA Questionnaire." Once you have opened the link - download the form. Once the form is downloaded and you have made your response click on the Submit Form button on the top right hand corner and the form will automatically email to our office. Thank you for your comments - regards Robert.

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